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Smart Co2 has been working with the same customers since 2012. Our business was founded on the idea of providing quality working products to the professional and amateur gardeners around Europe. We have chosen the very best ingredients since the start, and we have never looked back. Our reputation depends on offering only the best.


Effects of direct Co2

Studies have shown that higher concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide affect crops in two important ways: they boost crop yields by increasing the rate of photosynthesis, which spurs growth, and they reduce the amount of water crops lose through transpiration.


The Smart Co2 Bag

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How to use the Smart Co2 Bag

•    Using    a    pencil    or    screwdriver    pierce    3-6    holes    in    the    bag    roughly    1    inch    from    the    top.    Do    not    make    contact    with    the    contents    of    the    bag.    If    the    bag    has    not    begun    emitting    co2    within    3    days,    carefully    insert    1-2ml    of    clean    water    via    an    existing    hole    to    assist    the    activation. •    Using    the    cable    tie    supplied    hang    the    bag    above    your    plants.    Situate    the    bag    close    to    air    intake    to    ensure    co2    is    not    removed    from    the    room    
immediately. •    The    bag    will    begin    to    produce    co2    over    2-3    days    at    an    optimum    temperature    of    between    25-30    degrees. •    Optimum    humidity    levels    are    important;    therefore,    if    the    bag    produces    too    much    moisture,    simply    pierce    the    bottom    of    the    bag    with    a    pin    to    remove    excess    moisture. •    Do    not    hang    close    to    lights    or    other    heat    sources.
•    Recommended    room    size    5m2    -    15m2. •    Bags    will    produce    co2    for    between    2-3    months    dependant    on    ventilation,    heat    humidity    and    amount    of    holes    in    bag. •    IMPORTANT    -    DO    NOT    consume    this    product.    If    this    product    is    consumed    seek    medical    attention    immediately. 
   •    IMPORTANT    -    KEEP    OUT    OF    REACH    OF    CHILDREN    AND    ANIMALS

Welcome to The NEW Smart Co2 Bag FULL CYCLE

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The UK's leading Brand in Co2 Delivery Just got better, Now use for the complete FULL CYCLE of the fruiting plants

Why use the Smart CO2 Bag?


The Smart CO2 Bag is very small and easily affordable bag producing carbon dioxide for your plants. It can multiply the growing speed of your plants and make fruits ripen faster improving taste, color and crops.

The Smart CO2 Bag is safe to use, easy to setup without any maintenance required. It is the smallest and by far the most effective solution available on the market.



What is carbon dioxide?


Being like the oxygen to us humans, carbon dioxide is one of the most important components of growing up plants. All plants need carbon dioxide to grow. If a plant cannot get enough carbon dioxide from the air, it will grow slower. The Smart CO2 Bag is a powerful and easy way to add more carbon dioxide to your green room without overspending.

How To Use the Smart CO2 Bag


When and where to use it?


Get a Smart CO2 Bag 2-3 weeks after planting your seeds. Make 6 holes in top of the bag and hang it above your plants. In large green rooms, hang the bag over the aisles. TheSmart CO2 Bag only produces carbon dioxide in temperatures above 18 ºC (64 ºF). Store the closed bag in a dry and cool place under 18 ºC (64 ºF).

How long does it last?


When the Smart CO2 Bag comes into contact with oxygen, it will start producing carbon dioxide. However it can take a few days before production starts. Depending on the air circulation in the green room, one Smart CO2 Bag will produce enough carbon dioxide for an area of 10 m2 (170 ft2) for up to 3 months

How to maximize the benefits?


With the extra carbon dioxide, your plants can withstand temperatures that are 3-5 ºC (5-9 ºF) higher than usual.




1350 - 1500 PPM!!!


(IN 10M X 10M AREA)