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Ultimate Guide to Using Smart Co2


Herb Plants

The Smart CO2 Bag is very small and easily affordable bag producing carbon dioxide for your plants. It can multiply the growing speed of your plants and make fruits ripen faster improving taste, color and crops.

The Smart CO2 Bag is safe to use, easy to setup without any maintenance required. It is the smallest and by far the most effective solution available on the market.

Smart Co2 has been working with the same customers since 2012. Our business was founded on the idea of providing quality working products to the professional and amateur gardeners around Europe. We have chosen the very best ingredients since the start, and we have never looked back. Our reputation depends on offering only the best.

Using a pencil or screwdriver pierce 3-6 holes in the bag roughly 1 inch from the top. Do not make contact with the contents of the bag.


If the bag has not begun emitting co2 within 3 Days , carefully insert 1-2ml of clean water via an existing hole to assist the activation.

Image by Jackie DiLorenzo

Using the cable tie supplied, hang the bag above your plants . situate the bag close to air intake to ensure co2 is not expelled immediately.

The bag will start to produce co2 over 2-3 days at an optimum temperature of between 25-30 degrees.

Optimum humidity levels are important; therefore, if the bag produces too much moisture , simply pierce the bottom of the bag with a pin to drain excess moisture. Do not hang the bag close to lamps, lights of other heat sources.

The recommended room size is 5m2 - 15m2. The bags will produce co2 for between 2-3 months dependant on ventilation , heat humidity and amount of holes pierced into the bag.